Best Cities in Russia


Kazan City

As with anywhere that you visit, you want to know which city is the best for you to visit during your trip. Some of the best cities in Russia are mostly well-known because of their history, the things to do and the people that are still there. With a little information, you can find out which city is the city you want to visit, or which ones you can visit during your time there if they’re not too far of a drive from where you’re staying. Enjoy the most beautiful cities in Russia during your trip, you will not be disappointed.


The capital city of Russia is one of the most exciting places to be when you’re on a vacation. You want to ensure that you’re getting a little bit of the excitement out of the way when you visit. With many cathedrals, museums, massive amounts of restaurants, shops and places to stay, and anything else you might want to do, this is a place where you can be content. Even the nightlife is just as fun as the day time.

Saint Petersburg

Quieter, and more peaceful; the streets of St. Petersburg open up to those visiting the area. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, and provides a lot to do and see. Many of the cathedrals and old buildings are sitting within this area. Famous tzars, and other notable people of royalty all came and stayed in this area, making it one of the most visited, because of the history that it holds.


Noted as one of the best cities in Russia, Kazan is one of the oldest cities throughout the area and has a strong impact on the people. It is also one of the most populous of all the Russian cities with thousands upon thousands of people living there. There are numerous cathedrals and church belfries that are waiting to be explored, and you can try many of the local foods, shopping and other exciting adventures.


Because Sochi is a summer beach resort, this makes it one of the best cities in Russia. Host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, this is one of the most versatile cities throughout all of Russia. You’re able to enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds you, while also being close to many of the major things to do, so you're never board. Right on the beach, and with numerous resorts, you can spend your entire trip here if you so wish.

Whether you’re searching for something famous, or not; you can be sure to find it within one of the best cities in Russia. With plenty to do, there is something for everyone that is on the trip with you. Enjoy the country, the cities and all of the people in it. Make sure to stop by some of the historic areas, check out the museums, try the local food and just have a good time. Russia is a beautiful place, with the best in class of everything.