Famous and Historical Buildings in Russia


St. Basil's Cathedral

Throughout Russia, there is a lot to be seen. This includes famous buildings in Russia that many choose to see during their travels to the country. These buildings have been standing for some time, and are a part of the Russian culture. They are able to tell a story unlike any other, and this is why they continue to be maintained and stand today. Those that visit the country are more than welcome to take tours through the historical buildings in Russia, and learn more about the culture.

Famous Buildings in Russia You Can Visit

State Hermitage Museum

If you’re in St. Petersburg, then you want to visit the State Hermitage Museum, which is one of the famous buildings in Russia. It is where the former Winter Palace, owned and used by the tzars. Built in 1754, this famous building provides a lot of in-depth history that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get anywhere else. When you go inside, it has been transformed into a beautiful art gallery.

The Kremlin

As beautiful as so many say it is, this historical building takes you on an awe-inspiring tour. This is a walled fortress right inside the capital of Moscow. The cathedrals inside are perfect examples of 15th century religious architecture. The complex is also home to many other sites such as the Armory, Grand Kremlin Place and a Senate Building.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

One of the most prominent sites throughout all of Russia, and located in the dead center of Moscow, this famous building is still standing after all these years. This cathedral shows off the Red Square. The onion topped dome was designed by a mid-16th century artist, and with nine chapels; it is a grand historical building to walk through or just view from the outside. It has a lot of beauty and importance for the area.

Peter & Paul Fortress

One of the first ever built fortresses throughout the country, and built by Peter The Great, it is still standing and has many of the original artifacts still intact inside the fortress. It has been through many wars and fights, a fire and back again. Each time being restored in a more beautiful fashion than the last.

There many other places that you can visit during your trip to Russia. These buildings are just small examples of what you’ll find. With historical buildings in Russia that tell a story to the cathedrals that hold a lot of spiritual and religious meaning. Russia is a beautiful area to explore during your trip, and a place where you can learn about their past, their culture and see some of the finest art in the world.