Famous Monuments of Russia on Display


Winter Palace

There are numerous monuments throughout the world, and each of them as their own special meaning. When it comes to famous monuments of Russia, you want to find out more about them and even stop and check them out for yourself. This puts everyone is the best situation to learn more about the Russian culture, and the people within. Consider going and seeing some of these famous landmarks when the time comes to go on your trip.

Famous Landmarks Worth Looking at in Russia

The Kremlin

The Kremlin is a well known because it has been the center for Russian politics for years. It is ran on a 69-acre site, and allows people to come in and view the many sites within. With four cathedrals and four different palaces, there are many monuments within this one. This famous landmark is ideal for anyone that wants to get more than one monument for the price of one, and to learn the rich history that comes with Russia.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

One of the famous monuments of Russia, and the most iconic, the cathedral is one of the most beautiful and largest throughout all of Russia. It provides the visitor with a unique taste, and information on the construction and history of the cathedral when it was first built. It is by other cathedrals, but far surpasses their size and beauty.

Winter Palace

This is one of the most beautiful buildings through Russia, and has one of the largest fine arts collections that you will ever be able to see. It is open to the public, for them to walk through the thousands of rooms, check out the art and even some of the same pieces that stayed in the palace since it was used in the past. It was home to Russia’s monarchy for over 200 years, and now is one of the biggest monuments to visit.


This is Peter the Great’s summer home, where you’re able to see from the wide views of the windows, what lovely views he had while spending time inside the walls. This palace houses numerous fountains which are well known throughout the area, and some of which were confiscated during World War II, but then later returned.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Czar Alexander I commissioned the building of this cathedral in the 19th century. One of the most notable features on this cathedral is the gold plated dome that adorns the top. It is majestical, large and over the top when it comes to being situated within the middle of a busy city where everyone knows about it.

While you’re in the area, then checking out these famous monuments in Russia is always a good idea. Learning more about the culture, the people and the history behind the country is ideal. You want to make the most of your trip within this expansive area, and when you see these famous landmarks for yourself, you will have something to show for the trip that you chose to go on.