Historical Places in Russia


Kazan Cathedral

There are numerous historical places in Russia that you can visit during your stay within Russia. This is where you can go to find out some of the deeper history of the area, while also enjoying some of the most beautiful sites. During your visit to Russia, all of these historical places will delight and entice you to keep looking at many of the others that are readily available to bring you on a tour. With a number of fortresses, cathedrals and mausoleums; you can learn more about what they have to provide, and what they’ve done in the past.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra

In this historical place, Peter the Great once came here for religious regions. He oversaw the construction of the building, and was turned into one of Russia’s most important Orthodox churches. It was built in the late eighteenth century, and since then, a lot of the building has remained intact.

Church of the Ascension

In Kolomenskoye, this church was built to celebrate the birth of a Russian tsar. Ivan IV was born, and through this church, he was brought to meet others, and to celebrate the coming of a new ruler for the country. It is currently a UNESCO World Heritage site that can be visited.

Izborsk Fortress

Fortresses are a natural historical place in Russia, and this place is a ruined medieval fortress with many of the same walls still standing, and with all of the natural, and past artifacts still in the same place, making it a very historical part of Russia. It was once used as a settlement base dating back to the 7th century, and is now on display for those that wish to see, and learn more from it.

Kazan Cathedral

vThis is another one of Russia’s historical places that is a must see. Built in the nineteenth century and used for many centuries thereafter, the structure of the building looks as if it was just built. Located in St. Petersburg, it provides a glimpse inside the religious aspects that once ruled the country.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

On the list of historical places for Russia, this mausoleum is one of the coolest to check out. This granite crypt holds the mummified body of Vladimir Lenin, one of the most notorious ruler of the Soviet. Lines form in the warmer months, but it is worth the wait if you want to see something different, and something cool.

Enjoy many of these historic places in Russia during your visit, and make sure to check out many more that are available for visitors to go in and see. Russia is filled with many splendid wonders.