Obtaining Your Private Visa Russia Invitation


Obtaining Russian Visa

Having an invitation into Russia is one of the most important considerations to make. You have to have someone that is going to provide you with the Russian invitation that the application asks for, in order to accept you into the country. This can be something that takes the longest amount of time due to the fact that the person has to have the paper certified, and then sent to the Embassy to look over with the application.

However, when it comes to a private visa Russia invitation, this is something that can only come from a specific set of people. They of course, will outline the people that can provide the invitation but, it is good to be aware of who you might have to ask for your private visa to visit the country.

Who You Can Ask for an Invitation for a Private Visa

Obtaining an invitation from someone is essentially the hardest part of the invitation. However, if you’re going to get a private visa then chances are, you have someone that you are going to be visiting in the country, which means they would be the ones that you would ask for the invitation documentation, so you can visit. Through the invitation that they send, this is what is going to show your intention of what you’re going to do within the country, which is why they ask for one before you are approved.

These are some of the people you can ask for, for your private visa Russia invitation:

  • Your friends or relatives that you’re going to be visiting while in the country
  • The hotel that you’re going to be staying at
  • The business that you’re going there to do business with, though this is usually only used for a business visa

Whatever you choose to do, know that there is also help out there for finishing up your application, so you can ensure that you’re doing all of the parts of the visa application correctly.

Speaking with Us

When you speak with us, we can ensure that you’re happy with the outcome once you see how easy it is to go through the application process. We can walk you through each of the sections, make sure you provide the right information, the right documentation and the right help that is needed. Feel good about the choice that you made to move forward.

Please note: The individual times for acceptance, or denial, can vary from person to person. Depending on the needs that you have for visiting, they may take additional information to process your application. This is why it is so important that you do the application process sooner, rather than later to have it in time.