Places to Go in Russia


St. Petersburg

There are numerous places to go in Russia, depending on the city that you’re going to be visiting. When you’re able to find out some of the highlights that are provided in each city, then you’re able to find something to do and know where to go in Russia for the best time. Enjoy all that the area have to offer when they open up the country to you, and let you find out more about them and their day to day lives. Russia is a beautiful place, and it is worth exploring.

Here are the 10 things to do in Russia, according to the city that you’re going to be visiting at the time of your holiday.

Saint Petersburg

The Russian Ballet is in this city is one of the best, and most known throughout the world. When you are visiting the area, then it is a must see when they are putting on a performance.

The Winter Palace is a place full of mystery, history and of course, beautiful royalty pieces that you wouldn't be able to see anywhere else. Home to the tzars in the winter months, this is a home that they used quite often and is still in the same condition as when they left it.


Home of the Kremlin, this is yet another place to go in Russia that provides you with a chance to see history up close and personal. In addition to this, it has many of the same walls standing as when the capital was first discovered.

Capital of Russia, which makes it a busy city where many people have shops, the market and delicious Russian food for many to try.

Lake Baikal

This is where you will find natural wildlife reserves, and state parks that provide a naturalistic, quiet area to spend your time.

The Siberian lake is also an ideal place for hiking, and taking in the views from the tops of the hills and mountains.


Skiing is a beautiful thing to do in the winter months in this area, that was also home to the 2014 Winter Olympics. What to see in the Russia is no longer a question after your ski trip.

If you want to visit in the summer months, then the Black Sea beaches are always open for visitors that want to spend some time in the sun, but also be a part of the sea when they visit, and sit on the sandy beaches.


When wondering what to see in Russia, make sure to stop by Golden Horn Bay where you can find many of the delightful things to do within the square.

Military monuments are also placed throughout the area, so you can make sure to get the most from those that are set up, and learn more from the plaques about the specific military personnel that they were made for.

Now that you know these 10 things to do in Russia, you will be more happy with knowing that you have some where to go in Russia that provides you with information, fun and excitement when the time comes. Make your visit one to remember when you check out all of the exciting excursions and activities that are waiting for you.