Places to Visit in Saint Petersburg Russia


Places in Saint-Petersberg

There are numerous places to visit in Saint Petersburg Russia. During your trip, you’re able to learn much more about the area, but also about the local attractions and amenities that they provide to the residents and visitors alike. With so many places to visit, you will want to find out which are the best points of interest for you. Here is a list of the many things to see throughout the area, so you can plan ahead and make the most of your trip to Russia.

Places of Interest in Saint Petersburg Russia

With so many places to visit, you may find yourself wondering which is the best for you. Here are the many Saint Petersburg attractions that you can make use of on your trip to Russia.

Hermitage Museum

This art museum was founded in 1764, and has since became one of the most well-known attractions throughout the area. With thousands of rooms open to the public, each with it’s own unique art in it, you’re able to get something beautiful out of the trip to this museum.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

This large religious edifice is ornate, and has a large gold dome on the top of it, which makes it more unique than some of the other cathedral designs throughout Russia. It is a past structure that served as a house of religion for many of the czars and provides peace and tranquility to those that want to come and view the inside, and the outside of the beautiful building.

Russian Museum

Art, icons and sculptures can all be found throughout this museum. Each one provides a different look and feel, while also capturing your attention in each and every corner that you turn. Enjoy the beauty that unfolds before you, and learn a bit more about art history during your trip.

Winter Palace

This former residence of Russian emperors was often used, and continues to be in the original form and decoration that it was when the previous users had used it. This puts a lot of history into the building, while allowing you to walk around and gather more information on this icons of the past.

Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace was the baroque summer house of Russian czars. Housing many of their families during the summer months, this home played a large part in who they were, and how they went about their everyday activities. Even the children enjoyed spending time here out in the fields, and throughout many of the expansive rooms.

Depending on what it is that you’d like to see during your trip, these Saint Petersburg attractions are enough to make anyone want to visit. This is because the places to visit in Saint Petersburg are full of mystery, history and delight. When your next visit to Russia comes around, make sure these points of interest are on your list of to-do’s.