Russia. Overview


Russian Kremlin

Russia is a post Soviet country that has seen fats economic growth recently. It is a huge country that spans nine time zones and encompasses many different nationalities, cultures, traditions and languages.

Russia is number one when it comes to natural resources being the biggest producer of natural gas and oil, which is reflected in its rapid economic growth after the fall of the Soviet Union. It is a country of long standing traditions and customs, as well as world-famous culture with Russian writers, dancers, composers and actors being famous all over the world.

Modern Russia gave birth to big changes in the social structure of the country with the ‘new Russians’ being the richest layer of society. Poverty is still an issue in Russia and the middle class is growing slowly, being the crux of civilized society. Russia is an interesting country to visit as it gives an opportunity to discover its great culture, classic and modern, see its striking contrasts in all their glory and learn how the majority of people in Russia live day to day. City life is very different from that of the country.

Moscow and St. Petersburg can easily be crowned night life capitals of Russia, with the best bars, clubs and restaurants here. These cities also have luxurious shopping and expensive hotels for the newly rich. Since Russia is one of the fastest growing world economies, it is a country to watch, and an important player on the political and economic world scene.

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