Russia Tourist Attractions


Red Square

These Russian tourist attractions are worth it for anyone to see, whether they are a resident of the area or just passing through or visiting. With so many sights to see, and places to visit, these points of interest will be in your mind throughout the whole trip. Enjoy some of the most loved landmarks, and enjoy the time that you spend throughout Russia. Make sure to plan the trip today, and don't forget to put some of these sightseeing moments on your list of to-do’s.

The Top Russia Tourist Attractions

Church of the Savior on Blood

This 1880’s church is full of design, of beauty and of passion throughout. Made to please, this church was once where many would gather to worship and enjoy their time on this earth. It held numerous marriages, births, funerals and everything in between. For those to come together and celebrate with one another. The architecture and history is enough to make anyone want to come and check it out.

Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is a complex that houses numerous different architectural points. Built in the past, this should be a part of your Russia sightseeing tour while you’re on your trip. With a lot of history, and a lot of explanation, you can learn more about this attraction, and even find out everything that has to do with past rulers.

Hermitage Museum

This cultural and art museum is made out of an old cathedral that is just as beautiful as the art that you will find inside. Thought of as one of the best attractions, when you walk in, you will see art from all over the world, and some older than others. All 1,000 rooms are open to those that want to explore and learn more.

Russian Ballet

When you want to do a little more than sightseeing, you can view the original Russian ballet. They put on shows throughout the weeks, so you can make sure to grab tickets to get the most from the show. Enjoy the beautiful plays that they make come alive when they dance to them in one of the most extraordinary companies put together.

Red Square

This is the site of the cathedral, but also where a lot of the war and politics were held in the past. Learn more about the history of Russia, but also take in many of the beautiful sights, and architecture that surrounds you.

When visiting one of these Russia tourist attractions, or all of them; you will find that they are some of the most moving, and beautiful points of interest you could have chosen. While there are many other landmarks in Russia, it is important to note which ones you may be interested in during your trip to the area. Whatever your heart desires, you’re able to visit during your time. Russian attractions are plentiful, and now is the time to find out what each one of them is about when you visit Russia.