Russian Culture


Famous Russian Art

Russian culture is known all over the world thanks to famous genre-bending painters, writers, actors, dancers and composers who have made a big contribution to world culture. The fine arts play a big part in Russia, with its long standing history of great painting schools and many modern artists who have their works showcased in Russian and world galleries. Russian literature is highly esteemed in the world, having influenced all serious writers with figures such as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekov known to everyone in the world.

Modern Russian literature is also developing fast, merging with new technologies and creating a strong following in Russian blogosphere. Russian theatre is also famous all over the world and every actor has heard of the Stanislavsky method of living out the lives of one’s characters. Ballet is an important part of Russian life as well. Many prominent ballerinas and choreographers originated from Russian, with the Russian school of ballet being a prominent branch of classical ballet.

Many classical composers were Russians, and the tradition of classical music is strong here, with many young people and children attending music schools and colleges. Modern Russian culture is a mix of old traditions and new tendencies rooted in technological advances such as the Internet. Social networking plays a big part in influencing what people are listening to and what cultural events they are attending.

Pop and rock music are popular in Russia and modern theatre is also a favourite with many Russians, especially musicals and drama.