Russian Tradition


Russian Dance

Russian traditions go back to the traditions of ancient Slavs, mixed with religious traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church and some of the Soviet traditions that are still present in modern cultural life of Russia.

Today Russians are also opening up to the West and adopting some of the world traditions such as celebrating Halloween and observing other holidays that weren’t popular here before. Old Russian traditions go back to Pagan times and include the celebration of some Pagan holidays even today. Russians are also famous for their devotion to traditional fairy tales and jokes, which are an inalienable part of the life of every Russian from early childhood. Songs and lullabies are also a traditional part of growing up.

So are the famous poets such as Pushkin; his poetic interpretations of traditional fairy tales are known to every kid in Russia. Russian cuisine is also a distinctive part of its traditions and is largely different from the rest of the world, targeted to cater to the population spending a lot of the time in a cold climate.

Breads and pancakes, soups and stews are important in the cold months of the year, including the famous alcoholic drinks, such as vodka and samohonka. Many traditions center around family where Russians love to celebrate big holidays like birthdays, New Year and Easter with huge family dinners, featuring a variety of sumptuous and often fattening foods and plenty of drinking involved.

But Russia is evolving all the time, adopting many Western traditions as well.