Russian Transit Visa


Transit Visa

Many people that are traveling from one country to another and have to go through Russia might not know that they actually need a Russian transit visa to get through the country in order to get to the next. This is especially true if there is a layover in Russia. In order to find out what you need, and how you’re able to get this acceptance into the country, then you should speak with a tour guide, or to a government office regarding the documentation and paperwork that is required for a Russian transit visa.

What is a Transit Visa to Russia

A transit visa to Russia is a visa that is required for those that are wishing to travel through the country, and need to spend a night or two in the country. Those that do not have these visas are not going to be able to spend the time within the country, and may be turned away so that they are not able to get onto the connecting flight, train or other mode of transportation. These are required, and they need to be shown upon entrance and leaving the country.

This type of visa is used to allow the person to enter and even leave the country when needed when they are just traveling through. Sometimes there are layovers that are longer than 24 hours, but less than 72 hours then this is when the visa is required for the person that is going to be going through the country.

How Long is it Good For?

Transit visas through Russia are generally good for no more than 72 hours. This is to give the person enough time to get from one mode of transportation to another. This can be anything from plane, train or boat and anything else.

Please note that anyone that is going through Russia, but have a layover of less than 24 hours do not need to obtain this visa in order to go through the country.

How Do They Issue a Transit Visa?

They issue transit visas to Russia easily, and it generally does not take very long or cost very much. This is because they are fast with accepting those that are coming into the country, staying for a small amount of time, and then leaving again. Some people that are not even staying might actually find that this is the best way to get a visa. They issue this transit visa to Russia by getting your identification, background information and the tickets to where you’re coming from, and going too so that they know why you’re going to the country and know that you’re just passing through.

Once you obtain your Russian transit visa, you’re able to take the trip that you’re going on. No matter what the purpose is for traveling through the country, and no matter where you’re going; you’re able to take the most from the trip and be legal to go through and even stop for a night.

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