Russian Visa Fees


Visa fee

Fees are associated with any type of identification document that you will need for traveling. Knowing these fees is necessary to make the right plans for obtaining the necessary documen-tation. Russian visa fees are something that you cannot bypass, unless you’re going there to work for a company, or are staying for only a very short period of time. Knowing the fee sched-ule however, can put you in a better position to make the right move.

Why Are Visa Fees Charged

What is the Price for the Visas

The prices can fluctuate at any given time, and the prices may be different from year to year or country to country; depending on where you are in the world. It is best to double check with the government agency regarding the price that is currently being offered. However, here are the Russian visa fees that are currently being charged.

Russian Tourist Visas - $50 to $150 USD

Russian Business Visa - This depends on the company you’re working with, and their spe-cific agreement with the country. It usually runs around $80 USD for a day, and $150 USD for two days.

Russian Student Visa - $50 to $150 USD

Personal or Private Russian Visa - $30 to $50 USD

72-Hour Visa - This is not required if you’re staying 72 hours or less, however if you’re stay-ing more than a tourist visa would be required.

Work Visa - The employer that is sending you to the country will have an agreed upon rate, depending on the amount of employees they are sending to the country.

Transit Visa - This is normally much lower than other visas, around $30 USD, or less de-pending on the length of stay. If it is more than 72 hours, a tourist visa is then required.

How Can You Pay the Visa Fees

Generally, you can pay via credit or debit cards, money orders, bank checks or other forms that are accepted through the government office. If you’re applying for your visa online, then a credit or debit card is usually required up front in order to process the application. Some offices will accept cash, but it is always ideal to have documentation of the money that was paid for the application that you’ve handed in.

Ensure that you’ve included all of the necessary documentation to finalize the paperwork to make the process go much faster. Additional money may be needed if you need to expedite the process and get the visas faster than the normal transaction times that are posted on the appli-cation that was handed in. The fee amount for expedited processing is provided for you on the application, and the amount can then be added to the final amount for applying for the Russian visa.

When you’re ready to go, you will receive the documents by mail. Through the use of these documents, you’re then able to set your flight and make your accommodations for the trip that you’re taking through or to Russia.

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