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Choosing to go to another country means having to find the necessary paperwork and documentation, while getting the invitations that are required from the necessary places. This can be something that is daunting at first to the person that has to go through the process, but it can be done when the time comes. Visas are something that everyone needs when traveling to another country. Russian visas are no exception since you need to ensure that you’re allowed to travel to the country, depending on the specified reason and this is something that almost everyone has to be able to do. Understanding how Russian visas work is essential at traveling to this country, and being legal to do so. If you do not have the necessary visa to Russia, then you’re not going to be allowed entry into the country.

You’re able to learn more about getting a visa to Russia, why you might need one and the many visas that you’re able to get, depending on your trip to the country and what your purpose for visiting might be. Understanding this information is essential if you choose to move forward, grab a flight and head out to the country.

Why Do I Need a Visa When Visiting Russia?

You will need a visa for Russia because of many reasons, depending on your visit. They hand out many different types of visas to match the purpose of the visitor that is going to be spending some time in the country. Each visa for Russia has a specific time frame that the person is able to visit for, so that they have that amount of time to visit and they have to leave before the visa has expired in order to continue being legal to be in the country. These rules, and other regulations that are put on the specific Russian visas have to be adhered to entirely, or else the person can be arrested for failure to comply to the rules and regulations set forth by the country that you’re visiting, whether it is Russia, or any other country.

Before you head out on your trip, you must ensure that you know what you’re doing. This means being prepared for the trip, making sure you have all of the documents required, and the necessary Russian visas, as well as anything else they may require from you when you go to speak with someone regarding the trip you’re going to take to the new country.

Before you go to apply for your Russian visa, and fill out the Russian visa application, you should know which type of visa you’re going to need for your trip. There will be multiple questions that you’re asked to ensure that you’re requesting the right type depending on the purpose that you have in the other country. Sometimes this can be easy, but other times, you may need to request access to the country, and allow them to look over your information to make a decision on what to do.

Types of Visas

There are many types of visas that you have to consider, depending on your purpose to the country, and depending on the visa type; you may find that one is easier to obtain over another. Here are the many types of visas that you’re able to take advantage of, and the particular stipulations that come with each of them.

Tourist Visas to Russia - These visas require the person to obtain accommodations and tourist invitations in order to be allowed entry into the country. These both can be obtained through a tourist vacation specialist, or through a government building when you apply for your visa. These are easy to obtain, and sometimes getting a two for one deal is essentially the best, and most affordable way to get into the country. These types of visas cannot be extended.

Business Visas to the Country - These can be obtained through the company that you’re working for, and generally the company in Russia will provide the invitation for those that wish to gain entry into the country for whatever reason. These are usually good over a course of a few months to a whole year. Sometimes, these can also be used for non-business purposes if you're going to be visiting the country for a long period of time.

Private Visas to Russia - These visas are provided to those that want to visit friends or family within the country. Anyone that wishes to do this have to have proof of their friends or family, and receive single entry into the country for a small period of time to visit with them. Only the original copy can be used, and it can take up to three months to receive it.

Transit Visas - These are the easiest visas to get since you generally only stay within Russia for a day at the most. You just have to show proof of where you’re coming from, and where you’re going so they know the connecting modes of transport, can verify them and who you are and then it is approved.

Student Visas in Russia - Those that will be studying abroad in the country will need visas in order to do so. These students that are invited to study within the country will need to show the invitation, as well as their documentation and the visa is valid for the period of study time that is required for the program.

Cruise Passengers - Usually the requirements of having a visa are waived for those that need to visit the country, but are going there on a cruise line, and are staying for under 72 hours. This is a general thing that is done throughout the world, with many countries for their cruise passengers that will be visiting for a very short period of time.

Through the use of a Russian visa, anyone is able to visit the country with the proper documentation, proof of invitation and everything else that is required of them. Those that do not have these will not be able to gain access into the country for visiting.

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