Sights of Moscow Worth Seeing


Sights of Moscow

With so many sights of Moscow worth seeing, you can make sure to make the most of your trip when it comes to being able to visit such a beautiful area. Both famous places and places of interest are available for anyone living or visiting the area, allowing you to spend your time doing something you love during your stay. Moscow is the capital city of Russia, making it one of the largest areas to spend your time and be able to have a lot to do. So make sure to put these Moscow attractions on your list of things to do.

What to Do on Your Trip to Moscow

There are many sights of Moscow worth seeing, and some of these Moscow attractions provide you with more to do, than see which makes the trip a bit more interesting. Check out these best places to visit in Moscow when the time comes.

Red Square

This is worth it for the sightseeing that you want to do. There are numerous cathedrals and landmarks throughout this area that not only tell a story but paint a picture for whoever is visiting. Walk through the buildings, get into the gates and enjoy your time learning a bit of history about Russia.

Tretyakov Gallery

This gallery boasts a collection of 21st-century Russian art for you to make use of. Enjoy all that comes from the beautiful artwork that is placed throughout the gallery for those to check out and see. With so many pieces of work, there is a story behind each and every one, and feelings that you will want to experience.

Bolshoi Theater

This is the iconic home of the opera and ballet throughout Russia. Known as some of the best in the world, this is not only where they practice, but you can purchase tickets for many of the shows during your stay. Watch them live, and enjoy all that they provide you with for each and every performance that they put on.

Kremlin Armory

All of the most expensive and brutal items of Russia lie within these walls. Check out some of the finest weaponry that has been used in the past, but also jewelry and state regalia that came from some of the top emperors and czars in the past. A very interesting, and history rich area to visit while on your trip.


This long standing, established shopping mall is large and it has all of the finer brand names throughout it. You’re able to check out some of the fashion throughout Russia, and enjoy great fun within all the stores. Don’t forget to bring back souvenirs for everyone on your list.

When it comes to visiting any of these tourist attractions, you want to ensure that you’re happy with everything that you can do within them. This is one of the biggest areas you can visit, and one that provides numerous sightseeing and tourist places to visit. Enjoy your time, and make sure to plan ahead, because there are a lot of places to visit in Moscow and a lot that can be learned while you’re out and about.