The Process of Obtaining a Visa to Russia


Visa Documents

There is a process that goes with obtaining a visa to Russia. In order to properly visit the country legally, you have to ensure that you have the proper identification for getting in, and leaving the country. Through the use of this visa, you’re then able to visit whenever you’d like, and even for longer periods of time. Depending on the needs that you have, knowing whether or not a visa is required is essential.

The Russian visa application process is an easy one, and one that you’re able to do all from home if you wish. Follow this process to learn even more.

Reasons for the Visa

There are numerous reasons for having the Russian visa. These reasons can vary, depend-ing on the needs that you have. With everything from visiting to doing business with other com-panies, being able to visit the country when needed can be ideal with the right visa application. Following the process through the steps below for the Russian visa can put you in a better posi-tion to visit the country legally.

Steps for Obtaining the Visa

  1. Get your invitation to visit the country. This can come from the business that you’re going through to visit, or it can come from the Russian embassy when you ask for per-mission to visit the country for whatever reasons you have.

  2. Get all of the necessary documentation such as the photos required, passport and the application for the visa. Depending on your reason and length of stay, a different application may be necessary but you can check with the embassy regarding which is required.

  3. Fill the application out entirely to ensure that nothing is missing from the application, and that everything is correct to the best of your knowledge. This is what is going to be sent over in order to approve or deny your request for a visa to the country.

  4. Wait for a reply from the visa, and the passport authorities. If it was denied, you will receive notification. If it was approved, you will receive the necessary documents through mail.

If you’re confused by the process, and where you might have to go to obtain both of these, government buildings provide them to those that wish to travel, while travel agents can also go through the process with you to ensure that everything is done correctly for the trip.

The process can be a long one for the Russian visa, but do not become discouraged. Gen-erally, it can take a month or sometimes more to hear anything back about the status of your application. You’re able to call and find out more regarding it with the number that is printed on your specific application for the visa.

When you’re ready to go, and you have your Russian visa, you should be able to get through the airports without a problem. They ensure that everyone leaving, and coming in has the right documentation required.

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