Types of Visas in Russia


Visas Types

There are numerous types of Russian visas that you can apply for, and before filling out any of the papers, you might want to know which is the best for you. Depending on the types of Russian visas provided, you may need one or another to get the most out of the specific trip that you’re going to be taking to the country. Doing a little research on the Russian visa forms that are needed is essential, so that you’re filling out the right ones.

Get started on the application process today for the Russian visa that is required for your trip to the country.

What are the Different Types of Visas to Russia

Each type of Russian visa depends on the reason for visiting Russia in the first place. They will all need an invitation in order to visit the country, and without the necessary application and invitation; you’re not going to get your visa approved for the trip that you want to take. This is essential for applying for the visa to Russia. Depending on the type of visa required, there are different Russian visa forms that have be filled out, and different types of invitations that have to be obtained.

Russian tourist visas, Russian business visa, Russian student visa, personal or private Rus-sian visa, short 72 hour visits to Russia visas, work visas, and transit Russian visas.

All of these visas have a different length of time, a different purpose and different require-ments that have to be met by the one applying for them. Figuring out the purpose of the trip to Russia should be the first thing done, and then from there; you can apply for the specific visa that is required by the country.

Examples of Russian Visas

  • These Russian visa application examples will give you an idea of which you might need depending on the purpose for visiting the country.
  • Russian Tourist Visas - If you're going to be staying within Russia for longer than three nights, and it is just a pleasure visit then this is what you’d apply for.
  • Russian Business Visa - This is required if you’re going to be doing business within a company throughout the country.
  • Russian Student Visa - If you’re going to be attending school in Russia, then this visa would be required.
  • Personal or Private Russian Visa - Valid for up to three months, this is required to visit a friend or relative within the country.
  • 72-Hour Visa - This is for those that are only going to be staying for 72-hours or less.
  • Work Visa - This is for those that will be working within the country for any length of time.
  • Transit Visa - For those that will be taking a ride through Russia, and require a lay over time.

If you’re confused by the process, you can speak with a government agency worker or a travel agent for further information on how to apply for the visa. They are able to point you in the right direction, or even walk you through the process of obtaining the visa to Russia.

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