What is Covered with a Visa to Russia


Visa to Russia

There are many things to consider when it comes to visiting another country, and a visa is one of those things. You have to ensure that you’re prepared legally, and documented in order to visit the country and do the things you want to do. Through the use of a visa, you’re able to do the things you want to do in the country, and not have to worry about needing another form of documentation or identification. Learning how much is a Russian visa can be frustrating, but you can always ask.

What is Included in the Cost of Visas to Russia

Just being able to visit the country, get off the plane and board it when you’re ready to leave is included when you apply and are accepted for a Russian visa. Through the use of school and work visas to Russia, the individual is able to do the schooling, or work that is required of them. This visa is required for them to take classes or do the work, since they have to show proof of this piece of information. In addition, the individual is able to stay within the country for the length of time that they were approved for, without having to worry about being deported due to insufficient visa status.

Types of Visas and Their Costs

Russian Tourist Visas - $50 to $150 USD - This is required for those that are going to be staying more than 72 hours within the country for a vacation, or just to sight-see throughout the country.

Russian Business Visa - This depends on the company you’re working with, and their specif-ic agreement with the country. It usually runs around $80 USD for a day, and $150 USD for two days - This is required for those that are planning a business trip to the country.

Russian Student Visa - $50 to $150 USD - This is for those students that plan to study, and go to school within the country.

Personal or Private Russian Visa - $30 to $50 USD - This is for those that are visiting friends or relatives that are currently living within the country.

Work Visa - The employer that is sending you to the country will have an agreed upon rate, depending on the amount of employees they are sending to the country - If you’re being sent to Russia to work on a project for the company that you work with, then this is a visa that is re-quired by law.

Transit Visa - This is normally much lower than other visas, around $30 USD, or less de-pending on the length of stay. If it is more than 72 hours, a tourist visa is then required - This is for those that are viewing the entire area, with Russia and surrounding areas.

You’re able to learn which visa you’re going to need depending on the type of visit that you’re going to have with the country. Speaking with a government official, or a travel agent regarding the visa is essential for the visit that you’re going to be making. They can help with the applica-tion, and other parts of the trip. Knowing how much a visa to Russia is can be essential to your trip. Please note, the Russian visa cost can fluctuate.

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