World Heritage Sites in Russia to Visit


Baikal Lake

There are multiple World Heritage sites in Russia that can be visited. There are 24 total, that are located all around the area. 10 are natural properties, while the rest are cultural sites in Russia. When you’re planning your trip to Russia, make sure to stop at some of these World Heritage sites. Of course, since there are so many, and they're all located all around the area, it is ideal to make a short list of where you need to go to see some of the ones you love.

Short List of World Heritage Sites in Russia

Lena Pillars

This is an extraordinary site to see, and when you’re visiting the area; you cannot help but take in the view and breathe in the cool, crisp, clean air that comes with the view. This site has thousands upon thousands of years in the making and consist of many different types of stone such as limestone, dolomite and slate.

The Citadel and Ancient City and Fortress Buildings of Derbent

Providing you with more than one site to see, but all in the same area; this ancient set up is nothing shy of spectacular. Through the fierce beauty that the walls give, and the artifacts that have been left behind, even while weathered away with the many years, it is still one of the most beautiful sites to see with a bunch of history waiting to be learned.

Lake Baikal

One of the World Heritage sites in Russia that aims to please those that love nature, this site is one that provides the visitor with the beauty of the lake, and the nature around them. It is the oldest lake throughout the area, and has several species of fish living within the waters. Bring a lunch and a blanket and sit out and enjoy the day.

Kremlin and Red Square

Holding a lot of true history and culture within their walls, this is where you can go to watch the history unfold before your eyes. With four palaces and four cathedrals inside the walls, there is a lot to see when you enter into the fortress. This is one of the best deals since you get to pay one price, and are able to see all that these areas have to offer.

All of these World Heritage sites provide the visitor with a lot of information, beautiful views and a lot to learn. This is one of the best ways to get to know more about Russia, and spend some time going through all that they have to offer.